NSF Engines: North Carolina Textile Innovation and Sustainability Engine


From developing new materials designed for circularity, to driving sustainability and innovation across the textile industry, we are pushing our resilient and critical industry to new frontiers and breaking the boundaries of what it means to be a textile.


NCTISE will create pathways to commercialization for technologies developed within the engine and with partner organization, ensuring these technologies drive investment, job creation and economic prosperity in our region.

Workforce Development

Workforce development is key creating access to new, high paying jobs and secure a ready workforce for partner companies in the region. Our programs will provide pathways to employment at all levels from secondary education to lifelong learning.

About Us

The U.S. National Science Foundation Regional Innovation Engines (NSF Engines) award “NSF Engines: North Carolina Textile Innovation and Sustainability Engine” will advance our nation’s capacity for innovations in textiles that maintains a lens of environmental sustainability and with an eye toward circularity, positioning the Engine as a global leader in this sector.

Impacts and Metrics

In 10 years, our engine will:

  • Research and Development: 
  • Increase U.S. circular products by 5%,
  • Support the creation of 50 new aligned businesses
  • Shift 200 businesses (20% of the industry) into circular production
  • Translation of Innovation:
  • Convert 200M pounds of the region’s waste into circular goods
  • Assist 150 national brands in reaching total circularity for 250 leading product lines
  • Workforce Development:
  • Grow circular textile employment in the region by 10%,
  • Retain 10,000 jobs in the textile and related sectors,
  • Create 5,000 new jobs in the textile circular economy
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